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Depuis 1996 Bressuire est jumelé avec Leixlip près de Dublin en Irlande LEIXLIP Leixlip (Irish: Léim an Bhradáin) is a town in north-east County Kildare, Ireland,  near Dublin. Its location on the confluence of the River Liffey and the Rye Water  has marked it as a frontier town historically: on the border between the ancient kingdoms of Leinster and Brega, as an outpost of The Pale, and on Kildare's  border with County Dublin.  As of 2016, the population of the town was 15,504. It is the fourth largest town in Kildare, and the 29th largest in Ireland.  The placename comes from the Old Norse lax hlaup which means "salmon leap".  The name in Irish (Léim an Bhradáin) is a direct translation of this, and was first adopted in the 1890s. Leixlip was a possible site of the Battle of Confey, in which the Viking King Sigtrygg Caech of Dublin defeated the Irish King of Leinster around the year 917. The first settlement at Leixlip was an outpost of Early Scandinavian Dublin, built at the furthest point where longships could be rowed up the Liffey. Its status as an outpost of Dublin continued for centuries, marking a border of The Pale.  The town was home to Arthur Guinness's first brewery in 1755, where he brewed ales until he moved on to St. James's Gate Brewery, Dublin in 1759. Leixlip compte 15 000 habitants...  ....et de nombreux pubs!  La Guinness aurait  été brassée pour la première fois à Leixlip!   Le château anglo-normand  L'ancienne maison à péage  La Wonderful Barn - ancien grenier du 18ième siècle  Une des deux rivières qui traversent la ville  Sculpture qui représente ces deux rivières  Intel choisi de s'installer à Leixlip
The Wonderful Barn is a corkscrew-shaped building on the edge of Castletown House Estate, formerly of the Conolly family, in Celbridge, County Kildare, Ireland. The barn itself is formally in neighbouring Leixlip.